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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. you're wating nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news4 at 6:00. what's next for prince george's county? prosecutors say yesterday's arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife was just the tip of the iceberg. while some who live in prince george's county say johnson is a disgrace, others are waiting to learn more. good saturday, everyone, i'm craig melvin. little action today at the home of jack and leslie johnson. yesterday, they were arrested in an fbi radon allegations of political corruption. and court documents claim they even tried to flush evidence down the toilet.
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jack johnson says the charges are not true, and will be vindicated. we start with derek wood at the johnson house for us tonight in mitchellville. hey, derek. >> reporter: hey, craig. ere have been a couple people who have by the house since we have been here. earlier today, someone brought a card by. there's a lot of support for the johnsons in light of all of this here in this community. but in this community in mitchellville, as well as the county, the things thatave unfolded starting here and elsewhere are indeed the talk of the county. retailers no longer shun prince george's county, high-end mixed investment and the housing sector that's shrunken under the weight of the economy, but remains active of these are the hallmarks of the johnson administration. >> i've been in the county for 22 years, but yes, under this administration, there has been significant economic development that has taken place. >> reporter: but as of friday,
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auto new less desirable imageas it became the target of a federal probe into bribery. reverend johnson weeber, president of the collective banking group, an organization of churches focusing on bringing development to the county says such efforts could now be more challenging. >> people will draw conclusions without having all of the evidence, and will there cause some people t reflect and perhaps be hesitant in terms of what they might do and think about prince george's county. >> others in the county say allegations laid outy prosecutors by quid pro quo prosecuting he been the best known secret for some time. >> with sharon baker as a new leader, who has a clear agenda for reform, we can do better, and i think we will do better, but unfortutely, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: folks are warning against a rush to judgment, and there is a hope in the county that prince george's county will emerge from this, a better
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place. >> it's sad we allowed this to go on, and what would be even sadr if we don't fix it this time. >> reporter: there has been a brief statement coming out for the baker transition tem. not commenting on the events or the invesgation, but he is promising a more ethical government from the measures he's proposing would be a county inspector general, first time there has been one of those. now, there are 23 days left in the johnson administration, and we'll take a bit longer than that to determine what the legacy of that administration will be. we're live in mitchellville. now back to you. >> all right, derrick ward, apprecte that. many who live in prince gege's county say they feel betrayed by their leader. however, some are reserving judgment. our team coverage continues from prince george's county. >> reporter: did you vote for him? >> yes, i did. yes. >> reporter: are you disappointed now? >> sure. well, again, he not -- guilty until proven guilty. >> reporter: there are some jack johnson supporters in prince
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gege's county, that despite his arrest, are waiting to pass judgment. >> he has done a lot of good. i hope he comes out of it okay. >> reporter: but there are many other residents w talked to from dtrict heights all the way to the nationalharbor who have already seen enough. >> we put so much trust in our elected officials. and we expect them to live up to certain standards, and when they don' it is very disturbing. the county has had to battle for long time against somewhat negative images. i think this will only aggravate that. >> reporter: johnson and his life lslie were arrested at their home charged with tampering with evidence and destroying records. what was the most shocking part of this for you? >> the part where she put $8,000 in her panties. that was most shocking, you know. but the whole thing is shocking, for real. you just don't expect to hear things like that. >> reporter: jack johnson said publicly over the next three weeks he will finish out the remainder of his term as county
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executive, but there are some residents here in prince george's county that feel his wife, who is newly appointed to the county council should now step down. >> we can let him go out and he can spend the rest of his life regretting this decision. but the fact that she makes important decisions for my life is unfair. >> reporter: john this ripen, news4. >> look for the latest on news4 at 11:00, and go to our website, as well. family and friends said their final good-byes to a student killed in a double shooting. lots of mourners turned out for the funeral of 17-year-old joseph sharps jr., a student in northeast d.c. police say he and a fellow student were joking around monday night when they came across three other guys. investigators say those guys may have thought the laughter was direct at them. shots were fired, and sharps was killed. >> all he wanted to do was go to school, play asketball, play x
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box, play plagu playstation. he didn't want to hurt anybody. he's a really good person. and for something like this to happen to him, i really hurts. >> doctors s the second teenager shot will be okay. so far, no arrests. one of the world's most prominent political prisoners is free tonight. su-chi was released earlier today. at this point, it's not clear whether t burr meese government has imposed any coitions on her release and whether she would accept them. she has either been in jail or under house arrest for more than 15 of the last 21 years. meanwle, back here tonight, a reminder to drivers in the district this weekend. avoid the area around ohio drive at all costs. it's closed from the roosevelt bridge over rock creek parkway to independence avenue. crews are putting the finishing touches on the construction
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project that snarl traffic in that area for months now. ohio drive should be open again in time for monday morning's commute. ill ahead tonight, demonstrators gather outside a local gun store that has allegedly been tied to thousands of violent crimes. darcy? >> i'm darcy spencer life in rockville where a demonstration is planned outside a high school play. i'll tell you what's causing all the controversy coming up in a live repor also, home cooking for the troops. veterans get quite the surprise. from none other than joe biden. we'll share that with you. chuck bell, what's in the forecast, buddy? >> oh, man, sunshine, 60-plus degree weather. how about we play it again on sunday? we'll check out your forecast, coming up. hakem? >> coming up in sports, high school football is blue against dunbar. navy attempting to sail without their star quarterback. plus, a big game do in
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tonight, a school play at a rockville high school is set to be the scene of a controversial protest. west borough baptist church, a group known for picketing soldiers' funerals is planning
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on protesting because of the drama department's choice for a school play. darcy spencer joins us live tonight. hey, darcy. >> reporter: hi, craig. this play dealwith the murder of an openly gay college student more than ten years ago. and that's caught the attention of that controversial church. >> wherever i think about matthew -- >> reporter: on stage tonight, students at richard montgomery high school inockville will perform the laramie project, a play about the wyoming town whe openly gay college student matthew shepard was killed more than 12 years ago. >> we just felt like the message of tolerance and acceptance, which is really what this play is advocating, is something that we thought our students needed to hear. >> reporter: but tha message is bringing a protest by the kansas-based west borough baptist church known for its demonstrations at soldiers' funerals. members say shepard was hailed as a hero but was killed by god because of his sexual orientation. we heard about this going n,
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and we were like, i can't believe that's happening in my neighborhood. and, you know, to me, it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: students' graduates and members of the counity have gathered outside the school to mount a counter protest and to support the students performing in the play. >> they bring a message of hate. and we ed to retaliate with ve. and reason. rather than irrational action and hatred. >> reporter: the university of wyoming student was tied to a fence, tortured and killed because he was gay. his death led to a federal hate crime. >> gay, straight, bi, whatever, it doesn't really matter. be you. people like you a lot better when you're you, no matter what that you is. >> reporter: we're expecting to see these protesters show up any minute now. that play is set to start at 7:00 tonight. reporting liverom rockville, darcy spencer, news4. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. still ahead, a taste of home, with joe bin and paula
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deen. also ahead, we're going to talk about this beautiful weather we've been having. saturday was fantastic. what about sunday? a live look at the kennedy center tonight. chuck's forecast, right after this.
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[scraping] [piano keys banging]
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[scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. 's liquid engineering. families of gun violence vems held a prayer vigil at the district heights gun shop today. they joined the faith-based
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group in protesting the store. they're upset over a report that lists the store as one of the top ten in the united states for criminals to get weapons. some family members met with the gun shop owner to demand he stop those so-called straw sales when someone buys handguns in had bulk andells them to people who can't pass a background check. forecast now. you made a lot of friends there, uck bell. >> absolutely. people would pay for weather like this. and if i fured out how to invoice that directly, i would. no pressure at all here. i am optimistic abo tomorrow. i think tomorrow is going to be every bit as nice as today, maybe even a degree warmer. we'll have to wait and see. and i have some clouds coming in very late in the day tomorrow, but your sunday is going to look a whole lot like the way your saturday ended. look at this. beautiful sunset. lots of great color out there in the sky. sun, the only problem, of course, the sun is going do so early that the sun went down at 4:56 this afternoon, 4:55
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tomorrow. a lot of great afternoon color out there. full of darkness now. 68 degrees, our high temperature this afternoon, well above average for this time of year, and another da where we saw a 30-degree or more rise from morning low to afternoon high. that dry fall air in place. and 68 today. our warmest day in more than two weeks. the last time we were this warm, october the 28th. right w with a few clouds, 57 degrees is the temperature at national airport. already back down into the 40s across parts of charles county, maryland. mid 40s in southern maryland, by the ue ridge. basically, another repeat performance of today for tomorrow. high pressure in charge of our weather once again. mild sunshine on your sunday. no doubt about it. general, mild flow coming down. very warm weather down across the deep south today. all ahead of a very slow-moving weather front wch will eventually make it here. here is a look at our future cast model. it's going to take its own sweet time getting over the mountains. we'll see a few high clouds drifting in late tomorrow afternoon.
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i think any real chance for rain showers, though, will hold off until we get into the day on monday. this is our future cast, 8:00 monday night. monday night football we'll have to ke you posted. i think most of the day will be dry, might have a spit or drizzle there, but that's going to be about the extent. doesn't look like any heavy rain for the redski or eagles. this evening, clear skies. temperatures fall ry quickly into the low and mid 40s in tow by 11:00, and even upper 30s. and for tomorrow morning, clear skies, a cold start again. mid to upper 20s across the cold spots, west of i-95. closer to 40 degrees right up alongside the bay. and tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, a few high clouds late in the day but mild again, highs well up into the mid and upper 60s. the eagles and the redskins' forecast. kickoff 8:30 monday night. plenty of clouds. not much of a rain threat, but we'lkeep you peosted. 30% chance of rain late monday, closer to midnight and even after midnight in the washington area, od news for the me. looks like a pretty steady rai
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showery day tuesday. and then the sunshine comes back wednesday and thursday. but it looks considerably cooler. so tomorrow is goingo be the pick of the litter for the next seven. but it's a sunday -- a lot of people had a four-day weekend for veteran's y. so grt weather. we can get all the rain we need tuesday. >> i've been enjoying the weather, but i've one of these folks that i know that it's just a matter of time before -- >> it's called december. just around thecorner. >> okay. would have been a great day to hit new nnily town heritage trail. it officlly opened today in upper northwest. if you don know much about the neighborhood, there's new signs that can lead you on a self-guided tour. there's one right there. there are several historic landmarks, cluding reno city, american university, and our favorite -- there it is right there, our own nbc 4 studios. thisof course, is the building where nixon and kennedy took part in the first ever televised debate. also, kermit the frog started his career here, too, as well.
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>> this is the highest point in the city, ft. reno. and so communications became very important. in that sears store, they sold live chickens, ducks and rabbits and they sold feed, because people not too far from here were still farming. >> the entire distance of trail a little less than three miles. we've got one of those markers right oside the studio. so encoage folks to come by and check it out. >> say hi. >> yeah, say -- don't show up unaknownsed, though. we don't like that. still ahead on the broadcast, we know who islaying on thanksgiving. hakem is going to tell us right after this.
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and the turks -- pretty hot. >> what's that? >> the turks have bn pretty hot. i know my ice is -- i know, i'm fighting a cold. >> you know what, they lost last week to mmi, so trying to bounce back against virginia. this is good rivalry, the maryland folks, virginia folks. maryland is virginia's favorite visitor. after all, the terms have lost eight of the last nine games. the terps aren't the only ones trying to snap out of a funk. the cavaliers lost 11 straight games in the month of november. i don't know why. so how about a game against their favorite hoe guests. maryland and virginia meeting for the 75th time this afternoon
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in charlottesville. and my favorite virginia fan, the dancing thomas jefferson. i love these guys. they're good. good school spirit. is good. firs not for long. look at adam her muscles his way in for the touchdown. it's 7-3 maryland. cavs ensuing possession. lines up for a field goal, it's a fake. psych. goes to dan'ser. executes a trick play to perfection. touchdown, virginia. see it again, the holder jacob hodges, there, perfec flips it to danzer, and virginia takes a lead. you love trickeration. o'brien, the freshman qb calls his own number, 12 yards to pay dirt. ter apins lead. fourth and goal on the one for maryland. the handoff goes to dj adams and he just wks into the end zone
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untouched. made that look easy. 21-10. the cavs counter, the 1-yard touchdown and at e end of the half, no fake here. hinkabin from 52 yards, hooks it good. right now, maryland leads 28-23 in the fourth quarter. all right. let's go to annapolis. navy hosting central michigan. ricky date of birth's all-time leading scorer sitting out with a concussion. chris pctor pitches to aaron santiago, first career touchdown. navy leads 7-0. could do some push-ups. later in the quarter, game tied at 7. proctor, some big blocks. cuts to the chippewas. 16 yards to the end zone. navy leads 14-7. second quarter. 21-14, midshipmen, central michig. ryan ran cliff will the not be tackled, spins and in for 6. it is how to make a right there.
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nowavy leads 35-24. the mountaineers hosting ncinnati. first quarter, here come the mountaineers, gino smith for a wide open, i mean wide open, austin 32-yard score smith threw four touchdowns. bearcats head coach jones, what's going on? second quarter, mountaineers up 14-0. smith, quick hitter to sanders, bounces off a tackle. bye-bye. 48-yard td, his second of the game. west virginia wins 37-10, improving to 6 and 3. it appears that redskins' running back terrain will be the starter on monday night against the eagles. as for clinton portis. shanahan said, quote, i'm hesitant to put him in too quick. i don't want to set him back. translation, portis won't play. banks is listed as questionable, but is doubtful he'll play after having knee surgery less than two weeks ago.
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high school football playoffs against dunbar. mayor-elect vincent gray the in house. fun one. here we go. second quarter. he had wards goes deep. 66-yard scoring strike. up 14-7. darren strikes a pose, but the cameras are here. look over here. right here. beautiful. balu leads at halftime. dunbar in the fourth quarter, curly walker. scoots in from five yards out. crimson tide up, but back to the air for the night. edwards dials up crawford. throws a dart. crawforduts back, 30-yard connection. headed to the turkey bowl with a 35-31 win. they play the winner of woodson. and coolidge on tanksgiving day. always a fun game. >> yeah, it is. >> go out there at 11:00 a.m., go home, have your turkey and gravy and hopefully a victory to savor. >> a nice nap. unfortunately, they still make
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us watch theions on turkey day. anyway, great day to watch football, and despitehe nice weather, beginning to look like winter. check it out. the ice rink at the national gallery of art sculpture garden, more than 100,000 skaters have enjoyed it since it opened back in 2000. if it you go tomorrow or today, you can enjoy a free cup of hot cocoa. >> what would be ice skating in 65 degree weather with hot chocolate. >> "nitly news" up next, and after that, an all new snl. until 11:00, that's the news. good night.
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